Class 4 MOT

Our Car servicing and MOT workshop offers everything your car needs to keep it in top condition. We will service most makes and model of car. We carry a few items such as wiper blades and bulbs if required saving you time and money. When your car is three years old from the date of its registration it will need its first MOT test - and then it needs to be retested every year on the anniversary of its last MOT test.Once passed, you'll get an MOT test certificate with the date of test on it, and the date of expiry so you know when the vehicle requires a new MOT. If you choose, you can get the vehicle retested up to a month before it expires and keep the original renewal date.If your MOT has expired and you're still driving the vehicle, you can be prosecuted.

car servicing

Our Car servicing and MOT workshop offers everything your car needs to keep it in top condition. We will service most makes and model of car. From a full service to Oil and filters just ask for a quote. Diesel fuel injection specialists, Bosch full computer diagnostics Tyres & exhausts Cambelts, brakes & batteries, Suspension, Air conditioning, Full valeting service, Bosch full computer diagnostics, Tyres & exhausts, Cambelts, brakes & batteries Suspension, Air conditioning.


These days it’s not as easy as popping open the bonnet and finding the problem. Vehicles are now controlled by sophisticated engine management systems which are similar to your computer at home. Your engines computer is known as an “ECU” and reads and stores the fault codes from your vehicle. Up until now this information has only been accessible by mechanics with the specialised tool, however we have the tools to help with any problems.

injection specialist

Unlike petrol injectors, diesel injectors aren’t that prone to developing build-ups. In fact, the symptoms that many attribute to dirty injectors – loss of power, missing on start-up, poor running, increased fuel consumption and exhaust smoke are often not related to injector deposits. Diesel injectors operate at very high pressures, up to 1800 bar (26,000psi) is common, and this helps keep them clean, but it also means that, in time, they wear out. This means they must have their nozzles replaced at regular intervals. Certainly most injectors that have done 100,000km won’t be at their best and no amount of cleaning is going to change that.


Whether you have a small car or large car, our tyre experts at MBP Autos can handle repairs and fitting of all types of tyres. If it's needed for part of a service or to pass an MOT we can help.

air conditioning

A regular service will check for obvious faults, which may be associated with the air-conditioning system, such as belt drive tension, visible signs of refrigerant leaks and loose or faulty compressor or equipment or equipment mounting brackets, but it is good practice to have a comprehensive air-con service. Make an appointment for a re-gas.